On Monday, 19 September 2022 01:58:15 PDT Alexander Dyagilev wrote:
> We use Qt 5.12.12 and we were getting lot of various issues regarding
> OpenGL (crashes, hangs, white screen showing nothing etc.) so we decided
> to switch to software mode (QT_OPENGL=software).

That's the sad state of OpenGL drivers for Windows, including the one 
published by a certain company whose name you can find in the signature of my 

> The only way I can see now is to check if the previous start of my app
> was successful. If not - use desktop mode instead. But this will require
> user to try to start our app again. He can just uninstall it immediately
> instead...

You could supply a helper application that you can launch and get the errors 
from, if you can determine what operations are causing them.

You mentioned three options ("desktop", "angle" and "software"), but only of 
two tests. I thought ANGLE had the best support, because it avoided the buggy 
OpenGL drivers and instead used the translation layer to get to DirectX.

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