I was thinking about it, but it seems there is a better solution:

auto isOK = QOpenGLContext().create();

Btw, did not test on users yet... xD

ANGLE - I was getting weird bugs on it. E.g. |clip| property sometimes just did not work which was ruining the entire UI in my app... I tried both d3d9 and d3d11...

Today I've tried it again - works fine. On the same system. It seems that it stops working properly when there are a lot of images loaded in app...

On 9/20/2022 3:29 AM, Thiago Macieira wrote:

The only way I can see now is to check if the previous start of my app
was successful. If not - use desktop mode instead. But this will require
user to try to start our app again. He can just uninstall it immediately
You could supply a helper application that you can launch and get the errors
from, if you can determine what operations are causing them.

You mentioned three options ("desktop", "angle" and "software"), but only of
two tests. I thought ANGLE had the best support, because it avoided the buggy
OpenGL drivers and instead used the translation layer to get to DirectX.
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