Hi Volker,

Another missing module in Qt 6.x that is very important to desktop applications 
is clipboard support.


Without cross platform (at least MacOS and Windows) we will never be able to 
move from 5.15.x to Qt 6. This is an absolute necessity for us and I have not 
seen any progress on this issue. I apologize if I seem a little strident, but 
my questions to support have not gotten any movement on this.


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I haven’t been following the 6.x progress very much.  Only because it was clear 
6.0 and 6.1 were not ready to replace all the functionality of 5.x

However, with 6.4 it appears that all functionality that is going to be brought 
forward, has been completed.  Is that true? Or is there sill chunks of 5.x 
missing (that will be brought forward) ?


Hi Scott,

The only module that is not officially available in Qt 6 yet, and that we still 
want to bring back in some form, is Qt Location. Work is progressing on that 
module [1].

[1] https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-96795

There are some modules that currently live only in Qt5Compat, such as Qt 
Graphical Effects. We’re working on a replacement for that as well [2], 
addressing some of the deficiencies of it Qt Graphical Effects, but if you were 
happy with things in Qt 5, then the types in Qt5Compat as they are are 
perfectly fine to use.

[2] https://www.qt.io/blog/introducing-qt-quick-effect-maker

So, unless you depend on Qt Location, there’s no point in waiting. And if you 
do - we’ll soon share more updates on our blog.


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