You're hitting https://gitlab.kitware.com/cmake/cmake/-/issues/21475

Use ninja install instead of cmake --install .

That's why the configure script summary output says ninja install as well.

> On 25. Oct 2022, at 14:59, Sean Murphy via Interest <interest@qt-project.org> 
> wrote:
> Yesterday I built Qt 6.3.2 from source (using qt-everywhere-src-6.3.2.zip) on 
> Windows and had a couple snags.
> I'm not trying to customize anything, so first attempt I just did:
>  configure.bat
>  cmake --build . --parallel
>  cmake --install .
> All of those completed without errors, but when I compiled my first 
> application, it built fine in debug mode, but couldn't link in release mode. 
> I looked in C:\Qt\6.3.2\bin and sure enough, only debug versions of the Qt 
> DLLs were present. I dug around in my Qt build directory and could only find 
> debug versions of the DLLs there too.
> So I cleaned out my build directory and modified my configure line to include 
> "-debug-and-release" like so:
>  configure.bat -debug-and-release
>  cmake --build . --parallel
> Once again it built fine. I checked my Qt build directory (under qtbase for 
> example) and verified that indeed both the debug and release versions of the 
> DLLs were built. Then I executed the install command
>  cmake --install .
> This time, only the release versions of the DLLs were copied up into 
> C:\Qt\6.3.2\bin, the debug versions didn't get copied over. I manually copied 
> them over, and then I was able to build my application in either release or 
> debug builds.
> Did I miss something in the installation instructions? Or is this a bug in 
> the build script?
> Sean
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