Am 24.10.2022 um 19:58 schrieb Till Oliver Knoll:

Dear all,

What is the least complicated way to enable the math functions that
come with SQLite, when it is compiled with the

My empirical experiments with the binary Qt 5.15.2 (open source)
release (but also some tests with the lastest Qt 6.4 binary release,
for either Windows or macOS) suggest that the SQLite plugin that ships
with Qt does not enable those "built in mathematical functions", as
described here:

So do I:

  * Recompile the Qt SQLite plugin, with the desired
      o Disadvantages (?):
          + Need to download Qt source code
          + Probably complicates the build process... (I have "build
            actions" on that currently "only" need to
            install the binary Qt distribution)
          + Feels a bit "overkill"

From my pov this is the correct way to add new functionality to a Qt
plugin. Even for github you can install your binary Qt distribution and
then replace the plugin with your own.

Are there any disadvantages when the math functions are enabled? Esp.
regarding to speed?

Feel free to open a bug report so we can discuss if this flag can be
added by default.

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