Is there a way to not embed QML files into the Qt resource system when using qt_add_qml_module() ?

We can only pre-compile files embedded into the resource file with qmlcachegen. That's why we strongly recommend using the resource file system. You can, of course still manually write your qmldir files and handle the build process manually like in Qt5. It's definitely not recommended, though.

Or at least, not generate the "prefer :/..." line in the qmldir file ?

The "prefer" line is vital. If you drop it, the module still looks like it would use the pre-compiled code in the qrc system with all the nice optimizations you get from compiling functions and bindings to C++. Yet, the QML engine will actually load the files from the host file system and ignore all of the goodies. Don't do this.

Having the prefer line makes it impossible to load QML files from disk, preventing any kind of live reloading of QML.

If you're using Qt Creator's "QML preview" feature, it should try to match your qrc paths to the source paths in your project. As the engine then runs in debug mode, it can live-replace the contents of the QML files. There is also a command line "qmlpreview" tool.

If the QML preview feature somehow got broken in Qt6, please file a bug report. It is mostly used by Qt Design Studio, and Qt Design Studio likes to use "qmlproject" projects without cmake.

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