some months ago I had posted a message about using QJSEngine in place of
QtScript. Indeed, I did not find any tutorial about doing that transition in the
C++ -- not QML -- context.

I have read tons of websites and pages and it is still unclear to me how to
simply expose the following struct to QJSEngine:

struct DataPoint
double x;
double y;

I understand well that exposing QObject-derived classes is straightforward:
Q_OBJECT, slots/Q_INVOKABLE magic. But it is still not clear to me how to expose
classes not deriving from QObject.

Does anybody has some code to share that would enlighten me in this pretty dark
path? Or lessons learnt while experiencing the same hardship?

My software is about displaying traces with millions of DataPoint instances, I
guess it is not viable to morph that simple struct into a QObject-derived class.
Is there any knowledge about the overhead that such a morph would impose

Thanks for any help,



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