There is something strange with macOS builds (Qt 6.4.3).

Size of my app's DMG compiled with Qt5 is 38M. Qt6 - 77MB. I.e. more than 2 times larger.

Other platforms I've checked (Windows, Android) - are fine. I.e. binary sizes are approximately the same.

I've tried to find the reason. There are two:

1) Most of binary files' sizes are increased in 2-3 times for an unknown reason.

2) There is ffmpeg plugin (libffmpegmediaplugin.dylib).

Two questions:

1) Is this a bug? For me, it sounds like a bug of macOS build system, because there is no such increase under other platforms.

2) Is it safe to just remove libffmpegmediaplugin.dylib? When is it used? We use Qt media plugin to play simple audio files only (to notify the user about some events).

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