1. In an ideal world, yes, I agree with you :) But, in this real world we have to deal with a lot of issues including Qt bugs. In case we do provide Qt binaries alongside with our app we provide our users the best possible experience. Before we made a release, we test our app with the specific Qt version to make sure all is working fine. In case of an update of Qt binaries, things can go wrong. And we have such examples in our practice. So we prefer to provide prebuilt Qt binaries alongside with our app.

2. I'm not a very experienced Unix developer. My primary platform was always Windows. I'm not sure if I even understood you 100% correctly.

  a) You mean we should to just compile our code using ARM compiler and let the system use the already installed Qt binaries ?

  b) But what about debugging then... It seems it's not supported in any way.

On 6/2/2023 8:30 PM, Thiago Macieira wrote:
The rule of thumb is to always use the Linux distro's packages if they exist,
or build on the distro and use the distro's supporting libraries in "system"
mode. Don't use the pre-built binaries for anything but testing. (This is an
opinion and is not shared with most other Qt developers)

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