Please note, that this is not something occasional. I'm able to 100% reproduce this issue.

I.e. :

1. I modify C++ header (adding some enum value in the middle of the enum).
2. Perform full rebuild of the app.
3. Launch app - it's broken.
4. Make fake modifications in QML files using enum (e.g. insert a space and then save file).
5. Build and launch app - all is OK.

On 6/12/2023 5:20 PM, Alexander Dyagilev wrote:

In C++ I'm using Q_NAMESPACE + Q_ENUM_NS and export enum to QML (in QML I use it like MyCoolEnum.MyCoolValue).

I've found a weird issue: I've inserted a new value in the middle of my enum. And all was suddenly broken. I spent 1 hour trying to understand what is going on.

Full rebuild was not helping. Then, I just made fake modifications in QML files which uses this enum - and all started working again!

So, it appears that QML caches somehow somewhere old enum values and does not want to refresh them even after the full rebuild of the app.

Where are this cached files located? I was not able to find them inside of the build directory, and this is weird too.

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