I'm trying to get a Qt6/CMake app packaged for the Microsoft Store (for
Windows 10/11 PCs).

Cristian Adam showed me how this can be done for a QtWidgets app on Qt
6.5.2, using the Qt Affine example project. I have tested this locally and
it works fine.

I have created a minimal QtQuick/QML app complete with app manifest and
associated assets. After running build and install, packaging and signing,
I have installed this locally. However it does not run properly.

If built with Qt 6.4.3, the Windows splash screen shows and then the app
crashes. Looking in the Event Viewer > Windows Logs > System, there is the
> The server QtExperiment.Qt6-CMake-QML_1.0.0.0_x64__2knhhsfpfy4mw!App did
not register with DCOM within the required timeout.

If built with Qt 6.5.2, the Windows splash screen shows and the app shows
in a separate window (which it shouldn't). Closing the splash screen window
does nothing. Closing the app window closes the application and also logs
the same "Distributed COM" error.

Is this a bug or an error at my end?

For reference, I've put the project, along with README notes on Github:

1. Running the app locally from Qt Creator (i.e. no package/sign/install)
works fine.
2. For my real app, I was actually able to upload the signed bundle to a
Flight Package on the Partner Center, where it passed certification and
could be downloaded via the Microsoft Store. However it suffers the same
problems above.

Thanks for your help,
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