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> I went searching for Qt 6 references to QCoreApplication.quit, as this
> has changed from Qt 5. Qt 5 makes no promises.
> https://doc.qt.io/qt-6/qcoreapplication.html#quit says:
> Thread-safety note: this function may be called from any thread to
> thread-safely cause the currently-running main application loop to exit.
> However, thread-safety is not guaranteed if the QCoreApplication object
> is being destroyed at the same time.

I'm not sure what "at the same time" means. At least in my sample code, I'm
really calling the `quit()` function from a different thread (while the
event loop is still running, of course), and am only destroying the
application after the `exec()` function has completed.

> Unless the application is setting up a connection, there is no signal
> routing involved.

I'm also not sure what this means. Am I supposed to connect
`Application.quit` to `Application.exit` myself ? I thought Qt would handle
that internally, and route the signal appropriately, depending on whether
the signal comes from the same thread or not.


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