Type: recommended
         Title: new interfaces: css.document.XDocumentProperties etc.
     Posted by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
      Affected: offapi
Effective from: CWS custommeta

A new family of interfaces around css.document.XDocumentProperties replaces 
css.document.XDocumentInfo and friends.

new interfaces:
- css.document.XDocumentProperties
  this interface replaces both XDocumentInfo and XStandaloneDocumentInfo
- css.document.XDocumentPropertiesSupplier
  this is implemented by SfxBaseModel
- css.document.DocumentProperties

the following interfaces are deprecated, but retained for
compatibility reasons:
- css.document.XDocumentInfo
- css.document.XStandaloneDocumentInfo
- css.document.XDocumentInfoSupplier
- css.document.DocumentInfo
- css.document.StandaloneDocumentInfo

XDocumentProperties does away with the weird distinction and namespace
issues of user-defined fields and custom properties in XDocumentInfo,
providing a unified XPropertySet which contains both.

NOTE: do not use the XDocumentInfo interface for user-defined fields
if you can avoid it; the new implementation is not robust in all

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