There is a problem in the MySQL extension when trying to get the errno, if
the connection failed, if a prior mysql_connect() call already succeeded:

mysql_connect('host', 'user', 'pw');
mysql_connect('host2', 'user2', 'pw2');
echo mysql_errno();
echo mysql_error();

Assuming the first call succeeds, but the second fails, then mysql_errno()
just returns 0, but it shouldn't.

That's because mysql_errno() uses the default_link for getting the errno
in this case.

There are two possible solutions:
1. set the default_link to -1 before makeing a new connection
2. change mysql_errno, with something like:
... snip ...
case 1:
        if (zend_get_parameters_ex(1, &mysql_link)==FAILURE) {
                if (MySG(connect_errno)!=0){
                } else {
        id = -1;

I think 1. would be the better solution because 2. is only a workaround,
or not?

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