> On Feb 10, 2020, at 10:18, Paul M. Jones <pmjo...@pmjones.io> wrote:
> Hi Internals,
> After a couple of years of incubation, I am happy to offer a second version 
> of this RFC:
>  https://wiki.php.net/rfc/request_response
> It proposes an object-oriented approach around request and response 
> functionality already existing in PHP, in order to reduce the global-state 
> problems that come with superglobals and the various response-related 
> functions.
> The SQLite "about" page says, "Think of SQLite not as a replacement for 
> Oracle but as a replacement for fopen()." <https://www.sqlite.org/about.html> 
>  Likewise, think of this RFC not as a replacement for HttpFoundation or 
> PSR-7, or as a model of HTTP messages, but as an object-oriented alternative 
> to superglobals, header(), setcookie(), setrawcookie(), and so on.
> Thanks in advance for your time and consideration while evaluating it.

Regarding the array of arrays for $accept* and $forwarded, what are your 
thoughts on using value objects with properties, rather than arrays with keys?


* string $value
* string $quality
* array $params
* ?string $type
* ?string $subtype


* string $by
* string $for
* string $host
* string $proto


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