On Thu, 14 Apr 2022 at 08:31, Robert Landers <landers.rob...@gmail.com>

> > I see null as a real type
> This confuses me...

Andreas is probably the best person to explain their view; oddly I see NULL
as it's own type as well, because are there are times where it's useful to
determine the difference between NULL and an Empty String; but when looking
at examples like user values (e.g. GET/POST/COOKIE) being checked (e.g.
`strlen()` or `preg_match()`), encoded (e.g. shown on a web page with
`htmlspecialchars()`), or simply modified (e.g. `trim()`), I don't see why
those possible NULL values should lead to a Fatal Type Error (unless you
are talking about an environment that uses NULL as an invalid value, but I
suspect that's quite rare).

I see this RFC as a balance in that regard, because real life is
> messy. I really hope it passes and good luck!

Thank you Robert, it's right the balance I'm trying to find.


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