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I was going to mention the same example as the precedent ;-)

Another relevant precedent, since the original RFC talked about keeping things "side-effect free", is that passing "99 red balloons" to an "int" parameter raised an E_NOTICE in PHP 7.x, so a "callable" parameter raising an E_DEPRECATED should be fine.

Either way, how will this get picked up now ? What are the next steps to put this thing in motion ?

(Note: please don't suggest for me to create a PR - I'm a PHP dev, not a C-dev)

If nobody else does, I can have a look at the implementation, which I think should be fairly straight-forward.

However, since the current behaviour was explicitly mentioned in the accepted RFC, and the response here wasn't immediately unanimous, it's probably sensible to write it up as its own RFC to be voted on. It doesn't need to say much, just summarise the key points from this discussion. See https://wiki.php.net/rfc/howto for the steps, and feel free to send me a message off-list if you want a hand drafting or proof-reading it.


Rowan Tommins

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