On Thu, 20 Apr 2023 at 18:25, Larry Garfield <la...@garfieldtech.com> wrote:
> Hi folks.  This is a pre-discussion, in a sense, before a formal RFC.

Hi Larry,

The "Allow casting closures into single-method interface
implementations" one seems a complete non-starter, as that seems
really hard to work with. You'd have to do lots of "wiring up" to do
any significant amount of programming.

"Allow Closures to Declare Interfaces they Implement"

That sounds bad as it doesn't allow arbitrary functions to be used as callables.

> We feel that the interface-based approach is strong

All three of them are using interfaces...?

But if you mean the "Structural Typing for Closures" one, then I'd
probably agree. But as currently proposed it seems like a hack, that
would be predictably regrettable in a couple of years.

> and a good way forward for getting typed callables
> without a bunch of dependent features needed first.

Maybe list what you think the dependent features are, so that there
isn't confusion about them, but I suspect that we're going to not
agree on how languages should be designed and evolve.

Although I really want to see typed callables, and other forms of type
aliasing, as they would be huge improvements in being able to write
code that is easy to reason about and maintain, I don't want to seem
them as soon as possible, having taken short-cuts against good
language design.

"No is temporary, yes is forever".


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