On 8/12/05, Brian J. France <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I see the code for SO_LINGER in apr_socket_opt_set, but I don't see any
> place in the server code that calls apr_socket_opt_set with

I stand corrected. I should have used gdb and tested that before I
posted. So they put code in there to set it, but they don't have way
to reach it. A "grep APR_SO_LINGER -rI httpd-2.1.6-alpha" shows that
it is not mentioned much and looking through again this morning when
fresh, it never as a change to get to apr_socket_opt_set. So, I guess,
Apache2 has even less support for SO_LINGER than Apache1. Can't even
set a define in configure, must hack the code. Anyhow, sorry about the
incorect information.

I learned a lot through this thread and would like to thank everyone
for their thoughts, information, and ideas. I'll return next week with
some stats on FastCGI (various) vs mod_php.


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