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Work is still going on to finalize the namespace changes. I am not sure when this will be done, I am sort of hoping Monday. Then we can freeze Tuesday and release on Thursday if all goes well.

The good news, namespace changes are now finished ahead of alpha3. Documentation is also going to be available soon.

Now for the bad, I have continued the trend of being too optimistic for the alpha3 release date, which is now set for Tuesday December 2nd. Freeze is therefore on the 28th, packaging will happen sometime on December 1st, allowing a period for important last minute fixes as well as build related work.

Until then please all make sure that you get whatever you can ready. Since we hope this will be our last alpha, it also means that this release will also mark the end for feature additions in self contained parts of the code. That being said I already know of a few items that I know will not make it into alpha3 that we might see before beta1. If you are unsure if your stuff is in this mental list, please let me or Johannes know just to make sure.

But if you have not gotten in contact with one of the RM's about your stuff yet, then its unlikely that we will consider it after beta1. Not because we are mean or because we do not realize that many of you only have your spare time to work on stuff, just because we really really have to get 5.3 out the door some day and guess what .. it looks like we will not even have a beta out this year! So think about it .. at least 2 beta's, 2-4 RC's and yeah .. it even looks optimistic to go stable in Q1 2009. Again this is open source, so the only people we do not have to release on a specific date, I just feel bad for all the work people have put into code months ago that is not getting released for so long.

Anyways, a few items from the top of my head that I know people were talking about:
- rounding patch
- stream's issues that Greg found and Arnaud recently commented on as well as other streams issues
- openssl patches
- gd work
- mysqlnd async stuff ready?
- interbase ready on windows?

Independent of that I need someone to handle the move of ext/mhash to PECL.

Lukas Kahwe Smith

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