OS:    Windows (XP and 7 tested)
PHP:   5.2.9 and 5.3.3

I created my own php sapi 1 year ago and it was only single threaded.
Now I tried to make it multi-threaded by using TSRM.

I got 1 thread starting up and shutting down the TSRM and my module and many other threads executing requests. You can take a look at this abstract example here:

DWORD WINAPI test_thread(void*)
    TSRMLS_FETCH() // a lot of memory is allocated here

    // execute the request (just core functions written here)
    php_execute_script(fh, TSRMLS_C);
ts_free_thread(); // I tried to free the memory allocated through TSRMLS_FETCH() here

int main()
    tsrm_startup(25, 1, 0, NULL);
    php_module_startup(&my_php_sapi, NULL, 0);
    // start 25 threads running "test_thread()" here using CreateThread()

    // call module/sapi shutdown functions
    tsrm_shutdown(); // all memory gets freed here

The request threads work fine but I noticed that all the copies allocated through TSRMLS_FETCH() last in the memory until tsrm_shutdown() gets executed. So I browsed the web and found that ts_free_thread() should solve it. But now here's the problem: When I'm executing only 1 request thread at a time, everything works fine and ts_free_thread() frees all resources. But when I run multiple threads at the same time the memory gets up and down until all threads finished. But after all threads exited the memory grows up enormous.

This is what happens:
- start 25 threads                -- memory: ~25.000 k
- threads finish one by one       -- memory: ~25.000 k --> ~4.000 k
- all threads finished            -- memory: ~50.000 k

I was using php 5.2.9 and now tried the same with the latest stable 5.3.3 release but the problem still resists.

I couldn't really locate the problem yet.

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