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> Is there any thought that we might stop throwing things into trunk soon and

> start thinking about some sort of release?


> 5.3.0 came out in June 2009. Even if we start the alpha process now, there's 
> no

> chance trunk is going to hit stable until the last few months of the year, so

> we're looking at over two years between minor releases, which is about as long

> as I'd be comfortable leaving it — not just for any PR reason, but because

> there's some genuinely good stuff in trunk that I think deserves to see the 
> light

> of day.

I completely agree.

The current PHP 5.4 source tree (a.k.a. trunk) already has *major* 
enhancements. Just look at the NEWS file.

I think it's a mistake we don't start a release cycle. If we try and get too 
much into this release it just won't happen.

The typehint stuff which has no consensus should be reverted and we should 
start pushing forward with a release. Things which people wanted to get done 
and didn’t (e.g. Pierre asked for another 3-4 weeks to do some more Windows 
work (about 4-5 months ago which I don’t know if ever happened) should not slow 
down a release and be marked as nice-to-have – if it doesn’t make the train it 
can wait for the next version; if they do, great.

Btw, just performance and memory use itself is a good enough reason to push a 
minor release and every day that goes by where we prevent people from getting 
their hands on it is a day we're warming up the planet faster. This is between 
16-20% faster and on average 30% lower memory usage (the latter is the more 
exciting change thanks to a lot of memory optimization we did; with a release 
cycle started and people testing/comparing we may be able to squeeze even more 
out of it). I’d also like to see some of the work around making mbstring a 
configurable option out sooner rather than later…

My 2 cents. We can work closely with an RM to move things forward and ensure we 
push out a lot of the really good stuff that was done.


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