We had a discussion about the magic_quotes removal that it is weird
that even though that mq was deprecated in 5.3, we still have/had that
enabled by default (if you didn't set it from the command line or
through a php.ini, the default value which is set from the source by
the PHP_INI_ENTRY_* macros).
I would propose that the defaul values(PHP_INI_ENTRY_*) and the
php.ini-production should be keep in sync as much as possible.
for one thing, this would be less confusing (what do we mean by
default? PHP_INI_ENTRY_* or the php.ini? why are they different?
etc.), the second thing would be the principle of the fail-secure
principle: usually the production settings are more secure and less
verbose(display_errors for example).
what do you think?
of course, if this keeps traction, a proper RFC would be needed, but
for now, I'm just throwing ideas.

Ferenc Kovács
@Tyr43l - http://tyrael.hu

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