> In summary: should abstract protected constructors be inaccessible by
> siblings, as is true of __clone and __destruct? Should __construct, __clone
> and __destruct always be accessible in relatives, as is true of other
> methods? Depending on the answers, there could be a documentation issue, or
> bugs.

OK, I checked why ctor behaves differently, and it's because parent ctor
is considered to be prototype for child ctor (with signature
enforcement, etc.) only if it's declared abstract or brought from the
interface. So, by declaring ctor as abstract or making it part of the
interface, you make it part of the contract and thus accessible to all
hierarchy. If you do not do that, ctors are completely unrelated to each
other (this is different for all other non-static methods) and thus
having parent ctor doesn't say anything about child ctor, so parent
ctor's visibility does not carry over. So for ctor is not a bug.

I still think it's most probably a bug for __clone and __destruct.

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