On Wed, Mar 13, 2013 at 3:37 PM, Rasmus Lerdorf <ras...@lerdorf.com> wrote:
> On 03/13/2013 12:08 PM, Thomas Anderson wrote:
>> Instead of passing localhost to mysqli_connect as the $host parameter
>> I think it'd be useful if you could pass something like
>> ssh2.tunnel://user:p...@example.com:22/ to it as well.
>> The main advantage I see of doing that is that you could tunnel
>> through SSH2, through SOCKS, through HTTP CONNECT, etc, a lot more
>> easily than you currently can. Like you could have an SSH connection
>> re-created every time a PHP script is called and a tunnel dynamically
>> made instead of having a persistent tunnel created with autossh or
>> whatever.
>> And even if SSH2 / SOCKS / CONNECT don't exist as built-in wrappers
>> custom stream wrappers could be made. This would additionally make it
>> easy for people to examine the underpinnings of MySQL. Instead of
>> intercepting the packets the MySQL client sends out and placing them
>> into an SSH tunnel or whatever one could just dump them to a log file
>> to better understand how MySQL clients work internally.
> Instead of adding all that gear to PHP itself, wouldn't it make more
> sense to just use something like autossh to maintain your ssh tunnel and
> have PHP connect to your tunnel endpoint? mysqli_connect() in PHP is
> just a thin wrapper on top of the underlying library.

Oh - I didn't know that. I thought (hoped) it might have been like a
two second code change lol.

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