Hi all!

Tomorrow, August 1st 2013, is the day, it is *my* day.

Some of you might already know [1] that I've been hired as a full-time
PHP core developer by SmugMug. I'll officially start tomorrow.

I hope that I can do a great job for all of us who need and love to
use PHP.  I hope that you will bear with me while I get used to all
that stuff again I missed all the years busy with other things.  I
hope that I can contribute to existing, prospective and yet unknown
projects within the PHP community in a meaningful and constructive

Talk to me if something about me or PHP bugs you.  Talk to me if you
need help with your endeavour making PHP better. Talk to me even if
you can't stand my attitude.

Thank you and apologize my huge excitement!

[1] http://m6w6.blogspot.com/2013/06/hear-hear.html


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