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Niklas Keller wrote:
2015-08-02 14:32 GMT+02:00 Markus Malkusch <mar...@malkusch.de>:

What wrong with <news://news.php.net/>?

That's a joke, right?

No it's not, why should it? You did notice the news:// scheme, did you?

We're discussing issues here, so what's wrong with an issue tracker?

Ok, that's a valid point.

I can see more than one benefit. Probably most important is that you can
follow just some things, instead of getting all the mails. Additionally,
you can ping people

I don't see that point. Newsreader can follow discussions as well. And what
benefit has pinging, compared to a direct email?

Let's reference something then <news:e6.64.22108.e69f7...@pb1.pair.com>

That's a mailto link for me as well.

Well, that's because you are using a mail client. OP was complaining about
the limited interfaces. Use a Newsreader and there you have your reference.
Even Google is able to follow that.

If you want to build and provide a good search engine around it

I don't, news.php.net is public and search engines for news server do exist.
Google once did search them as well, don't know how it is nowadays though.

Markus Malkusch

You have to admit, NNTP news is an aging technology, with fewer and fewer readers available as time goes on. Nowadays (for graphical clients), there's Pan, and Thunderbird, and...? I use Thunderbird at the moment, because I didn't want to fill up my email, and there aren't too many readers. Heck, Thunderbird is technically a "discontinued" product.

Stephen Coakley

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