On 18/10/2016 11:43, Christoph M. Becker wrote:
On 18.10.2016 at 09:07, Ferenc Kovacs wrote:

the initial setup is done, let me know what did I miss.
Thanks, Ferenc.  It seems that the navigation to symbols in another file
is broken.  Consider, for instance,
<http://lxr.php.net/xref/PHP-MASTER/ext/gd/gd.c#1269>.  Clicking on
php_info_print_table_row gives

| Error: File not found!
| The requested resource is not available

That also happens for all other identifiers located in other files that
I tried.  Don't know what's wrong there.

Looks like it's generating slightly the wrong link for some reason: it goes to http://lxr.php.net/source/s?defs=php_info_print_table_row&project=PHP-MASTER but the "/source" segment shouldn't be there. It works if you remove it: http://lxr.php.net/s?defs=php_info_print_table_row&project=PHP-MASTER

My guess would be something to do with rewrite rules, and the "source" directory exists on disk but isn't supposed to be part of the URL.


Rowan Collins

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