On Fri, 13 Jan 2017 at 09:35 Niklas Keller <m...@kelunik.com> wrote:

> Hi Anatol,
> Do you think we should merge hrtime into core or add a simple function just
> like microtime() to ext/standard?
> Regards, Niklas

It would be great if it could be a simple function, however it is going to
be difficult to produce something cross-platform and meaningful with a
single function. (I know Anatol has written portable code, I haven't looked
at it but I assume it's wrapping the various structs used by i.e.
performance counters, hrtime, etc.)

I don't think we can get away from having an object-based implementation to
wrap those internal structs, but I do think this is a useful addition
regardless of how it's presented.

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