Andrew Nester wrote:
> I am thinking about writing an RFC for this and continue discussion there.
> Will it be a good idea?

You're apparently not very good at listening to suggestions, so I'll
be more direct.

I think you're wasting people's time until you actually try seeing if
PDO can be made to work with userland classes or not.

The next step should be you (or anyone else) attempting to make the
required changes to PDO to make it work, to discover what changes
would be needed to allow using userland classes.

If it isn't known what is needed to do to support it working, there is
no point raising the RFC.

Johannes Schlüter wrote:
> The actually question is: Why not?

My understanding is that some of the internal code that calls userland
functions and methods is basically bogus.

I had a PR (which I haven't had the energy to get round to sorting
out) to make the SPL call userland constructors correctly:

My surprise level would be zero, if there were similar issues in PDO
instantiating user classes, or other issues like the internal code
accessing properties directly without going through method access.

On the other hand, it might 'just work'.


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