> My only concern is if anyone is using this data for anything other than
> debugging - e.g. if they were somehow extracting extra context about the
> exception by traversing the backtrace to a particular point and grabbing
> the arguments. That feels like a horrible hack to me, but that doesn't
> mean someone isn't relying on it.

Sure, that's why I propose to keep the option. If you use the horrible
hack, I think it wouldn't be too much to ask to set an INI variable.
Since it's rather local, it can be INI_ALL so you could do it in the
script even.

> An interesting side effect of an ini setting, though, is that it could
> in turn be made to raise deprecation warnings at some point, whereas
> just accessing the 'args' element of an array is pretty hard to detect.
> So for instance, we could theoretically have: 7.3, add ini setting
> defaulting to on; 7.4, change default to off and raise deprecation
> notice if it's turned on; 8.0, remove feature, error if ini setting is
> not set to on (ignore if set to off for smoother upgrades).

Yep, sounds like a plan. Not sure if we need to drop it for 8.0 even,
but we can vote on that. Anybody to make an RFC for this? :)

Stas Malyshev

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