Hi everybody!

Please consider the following script:

  echo gd_info()['GD Version'], PHP_EOL,

If PHP is compiled with the *bundled* libgd, it outputs since at least
PHP 5.3.25/5.4.1:

  bundled (2.1.0 compatible)

Obviously, that would mean there have been no relevant changes to the
bundled libgd for years, which is not true.  Even worse, there has never
been a bundled libgd version which was fully compatible to system libgd
2.1.0, ever.  Presently, we're somewhat close to libgd 2.2.5, but still
we couldn't claim full compatibility.  Of course, in the long run the
goal is to finally bundle an unmodified copy of the upstream library,
but for now that appears out of reach.

So the question is how to handle the version information of the bundled
libgd for the time being.   With regard to gd_info()['GD Version'] just
saying "bundled" (without any compatibility statement) might be a good
solution.  However, I'm at a loss how to handle GD_*_VERSION.  Any ideas?

Christoph M. Becker

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