> There is a project I've created a long time ago and still maintaining 
> (https://github.com/nazar-pc/phpt-tests-runner) that should be able to run 
> most of the tests without changes already with colored output and the whole 
> thing is a fraction of run-tests.php's size.

Some notes:

- I already wrote about TEST support, that stays unchanged.

- It would be nice to preserve option-compatibility with the old
version, if possible. People have scripts and trained keyboard-memory,
and migrating would be easier without looking up new options each time.
That doesn't mean every option should be supported, but for those that
are, it'd be nice to keep the same names.

- Would be nice to support in options:
-- Passing options to PHP binary (at least -n and -d, but potentially
all others)
-- Keeping temp files

- Section support - I think besides TEST, the following will be needed:
* XFAIL: unfortunately, those are still needed
* ENV: there are a lot of environment-dependent tests as it seems
* FILE_EXTERNAL: is pretty widely used
* The group of
for some functionality related to HTTP processing. But most of the tests

Stas Malyshev

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