2018-02-14 12:40 GMT-03:00 Michael Morris <tendo...@gmail.com>:

> Assert is a statement in PHP 7.  Try this code
> function foo() {
>   debug_print_backtrace();
>   return true;
> }
> assert(foo());
> In PHP 7 only foo() will be in the backtrace.  In PHP 5 assert will be
> listed as well.

I saw all that `PHP_FUNCTION` and `ZEND_PARSE_PARAMETERS` so thought that
was just a regular exposed function with compilation toggled by setting.
Anyway doing it directly in the lexer would avoid the argument parsing step
(and turning parentesis optional).

2018-02-14 13:29 GMT-03:00 Niklas Keller <m...@kelunik.com>:
> I don't think that's true. 0 can be used to dynamically switch
> assertions on and off, which can be useful in some applications.

This can be useful for testing frameworks which does contract programming
by assertions but only in development.


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