Hi everyone!

I ventured into writing my first PHP extension and did pretty well so far 
following the existing documentation and example code inside the php source.

However, I hit an odd bug in my code that I can't quite explain. I'm obviously 
missing something and I hope someone here can point me in the right direction 

I'd like to set up a request global hashtable. For now I'm running 
ALLOC_HASHTABLE() and zend_hash_init() inside PHP_GINIT_FUNCTION. I then have 
a user function that's supposed to add entries to that hashtable and another 
user function that reads entries from the hashtable.

I tested with code passed directly on the command line (using php -r) and that 
works just like I would expect it too. The value gets written to the hashtable 
and I can read it afterwards from the other function. I also verified it's the 
same value that I first stored, so from what I can tell the basic 
functionality is good.

When I take the same testcode and write it into a file, and then run php on 
that file, execution aborts trying to allocate almost 2GB of memory when 
trying to store the value in the hashtable (using zend_hash_update()). I can 
see PHP_GINIT_FUNCTION being executed in that case as well so I'd assume the 
hashtable is setup just fine. Yet something is different.

What's the difference between " php -r '' " and "php test.php" in that regard?

I uploaded my current state of the extension to github in case someone would 
like to take a closer look at the code: https://github.com/pprkut/autoload-psr

Thanks in advance!


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