Le mardi 10 juillet 2018, 18:41:17 CEST Levi Morrison a écrit :
> People who argue against the tuple because they don't like the design
> need to consider the bigger picture. 

My guess is people arguing for the tuple do not understand the usecase :-)

Each time I felt the need for array_first_value was because I was using it on a 
function return to do something with it.

if (array_first_value(some_function()) > 3) {
  // do something

Either I know that the array is not empty, or I do not care because NULL will 
be ignored correctly.
In the second case, with a tuple I’m stuck because if I do:

if (array_first(some_function())[1] > 3) {
  // do something

If array_first returns NULL this will trigger a PHP error. So I have to add 
more code to handle this special case while I do not need any with 


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