> One of the contributors for the "Because, PHP" page came up with a fun
> example where the result of object comparison changes upon observation
> of that object.

Undefined behavior is undefined :)

> 1. Does this matter? (I think so, it's spooky action at a distance)

No. There's no defined behavior in comparing random objects.

> 2. Is it a bug introduced in 5.4 that's okay to fix? Or would fixing
> it count as a BC break due to how long it's been broken? (I say
> fixable bug, the BC break was at 5.4)

Depends on what you mean by "fix". I do not think we need to commit to
any defined behavior comparing two random objects. It's not an operation
that IMHO makes any sense. However, if you have any idea of improvement
here, it'd be OK to implement even if behavior changes - as I said,
undefined behavior is undefined.

> 3. If yes to 1&2, how far back do we fix it? Bugfix branches (7.1+)?
> Or would a change like this in branch be too much? Surely at least 7.3
> could be fixed.

Depends on what the "fix" is, I assume.
Stas Malyshev

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