If you are Interested and available for the Job, Please revert back with
latest resume, expected pay rate, availability and other details required
for submission to n...@apetan.com.

*Oracle DBA position .  It is a contract position located in New York, NY.*

*Local Candidates - Phone followed by in person interview required.*

*Title*: *Oracle DBA*
*Years of experience: 7-9 yrs*
*Duration (in months): 12*

*Background *
IT requires an experienced consultant to perform various aspects of Oracle
database administration encompassing design of database objects,
establishment and maintenance of a suitable development environment,
coordination with application developers, design and implementation of
external data interfaces and support of both development and production
databases. Candidates will be considered if they possess experience in the
following knowledge bases:


   1. Skills in *Oracle database administration, design and programming
   directed mainly toward support of application development.*
   2. Included in particular are:

   - Expertise in Oracle and generic database techniques and practices;
   currency in Oracle *releases*, *patches *and *compatibility issues*.

   - Understanding of *Oracle security*, *synonyms*, *permissions *and

   - Experience in *database design*, *creation *and *debugging of stored
   procedures and triggers, indexes, queries, views, timed as implemented
   using Oracle 10g*.

   - Skills in *data manipulation into and out from Oracle tables*,
   including import to, export from diverse external structures, creation and
   support of interfaces with *both Oracle and non-Oracle databases*

   - Knowledge of *ERD database design software* and the *TOAD* database
   development tool.

   - Familiarity with client-server applications and Windows ODBC in the
   context of establishing and supporting *connectivity and database
   interaction with Oracle*.

   - Ability to assist and support web based PHP and .NET application
   development and maintenance.

   1. Skills in all phases of project / application design, development,
   testing, quality assurance and implementation. This includes familiarity
   with modification of existing applications and response to mid-course
   corrections and changes in project requirements.

   1. Ideally, the candidate will possess some understanding of railroad
   terminology and practices.

*RiskS *
The work setting is an office environment. Minimum risk will be exposed for
this position.

*DELIVERABLES & Due dates*

Design database architecture
Document all aspects of objects within database architecture
System test of application
Support desktop development and interfaces as needed

All items are required during various phases of development according to
the PMO project plan

Documents are needed as draft at the end of systems testing and final
version upon completion of UAT

*CONSULTANT Qualifications*

*Oracle PL/SQL Development in the Oracle 12g environment*


   - Work to commence as soon as possible
   - Workday: 8 hour workday excluding meal break
   - Client HQ Employee Holidays will be non-working days (unpaid) or in
   holidays that are in compliance with the IT Project Manager's schedule.

*Nick G.* |* Technical Recruiter **| **Apetan Consulting LLC |*

*Tel: 201-620-9700 * 141 **| **15 Union Avenue,  office # 6,  Rutherford,
New Jersey 07070  | *

*Mail :-** n...@apetan.com <n...@apetan.com> **| **www.apetan.com*
<http://www.apetan.com/> |

linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nikhil-gupta-a4637391

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