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We have excellent Sales force Consultant Available immediately , please
share if you find any suitable positions

Raja Pratap







ü  Have 7 years of experience in IT industry including 5+ years of
extensive experience in *Salesforce.com* *CRM* and Client Server

ü  Experience in the complete life cycle of project development (*SDLC*)
including *System* *Analysis*, *Design*, *Development*, *Testing*,
*Deployment* and *Maintenance*.

ü  Expert in creating *Business* *Requirement* *Documents*, *Functional*
*Specification* *Documents* (*FSD*), *Use* *Case* *Diagrams*, *Sequence*
*Diagrams* and *Activity* *Diagrams*.

ü  Actively participated in many requirements gathering meetings with
business users, management, systems analysts and development teams.

ü  Expertise in maintaining the Functional areas of *Data* *Management*,
*Forecasting*, *Accounts*, *Contacts*, *Leads*, *Campaigns*, *Opportunities*,
*Quotes*, *Activities*, *Dashboards* and *Reports*.

ü  Proficient in SFDC administrative tasks like *creating* *Profiles*,
*Roles*, *Users*, *Page* *Layouts*, *e-mail* *services*, *Workflows*,
*Reports*, *Dashboards*, *Approvals* and *Tasks*.

ü  Worked on the designing of custom objects, custom fields, role based
*page* *layouts*, *custom* *Tabs*, *custom* *reports*, *report* *folders*
and *report* *extractions* to various formats.

ü  Developed *Visual* *force* *pages* and *Custom* *Objects* using *Apex*
Programming on Force.com Platform and good knowledge on Apex development in
creating Objects, *Triggers*, *Apex* *Classes*, *Standard* *Controllers*,
*Custom* *Controllers* and *Controller* *Extensions*.

ü  Highly proficient with *Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Force.com Community
Portal, Chatter Knowledge One *and* App-exchange on Salesforce *and Worked
with *products*, *proposals*, *Quotes* and experience with *GIT* and
*Force.com* *IDE*, *ANT*, *Maven* for Deployment.

ü  Proficient in *Data* *Migration* tools like *Apex Data Loader*, *Import*
*Wizard*, *Excel* *Connector* to Import and Export the data to the
Salesforce.com platform.

ü  Experience in web technologies like *HTML*, *CSS*, *JavaScript*, *WSDL*,
*SOAP* and *REST* *API*.

ü  Experience with *unit* *testing* and in Sandbox Management (Like
Refreshing Sandbox, Creating New Sandbox, Migrating code from one sandbox
to the other).

ü  Experience building *reports* and *dashboards*, customizing them as per
user requirements.

ü  Experience in Integration using *ETL* *Informatica *cloud for data
migration into the cloud.

ü  Written *SOQL* and *SOSL* queries with consideration to *Governor*
*Limits* for data manipulation in need of the application using platform
database objects in *Apex*.

ü  Implemented formal *change management (CR)* process and provided
training to implementation team to eliminate scope creep

ü  Actively assisted the system administration and deployment teams on
configuration, deployment and implementation procedures and best practices.

ü  Key contributor to the SFDC configuration and development standards

*Regards *

*Udayasree .V*

Sr Sales Recruiter

Off:  (201) 416-7890 x 1014

Direct:(201) 416-7914

Fax: (848) 482-8787 G talk : *udaya.itideology*
Email: ud...@itideology.com

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