Call for Papers

Theme: Borders and Margins
Type: 43rd Annual Sewanee Medieval Colloquium
Institution: University of the South
Location: Sewanee, TN (USA)
Date: 10.–11.3.2017
Deadline: 14.10.2016


Call for Papers (due October 14, 2016):

The Sewanee Medieval Colloquium invites papers engaging with the
space of the margin and the border in all aspects of medieval
cultures. This includes the form and arrangement of manuscripts, the
framing of visual art, the production of textiles and other
materials, the contestation of political boundaries, non-normative
sexualities and genders, demarcation of religious identity,
conceptions of race, differences of species, frontiers of exploration
and travel, and peripheral social groups, and other ways of
conceptualizing our theme. Papers should be twenty minutes in length,
and commentary is traditionally provided for each paper presented. We
invite papers from all disciplines, and encourage contributions from
medievalists working on any geographic area. Participants in the
Colloquium are limited to holders of a Ph.D. and those currently in a
Ph.D. program.

Scholars are welcome to submit to a specific panel or to the general
call (applications to panels which are not accepted by the panel's
organizers will be returned to the general call pool). Panel
sub-themes can be found below; click on titles to see the detailed
call for papers. Please submit an abstract (approx. 250 words) and
brief c.v., via our website, no later than 14 October 2016. If you
wish to propose a session, please submit abstracts and vitae for all
participants in the session. Completed papers, including notes, will
be due no later than 10 February 2017.

Call for Complete Panels (due October 14, 2016):

You may also propose a complete panel of either two or three papers;
please submit all abstracts together, and attach all relevant CVs.
Complete panel proposals will be due at the same time as our general
call, October 14, 2016.


- Borders and Margins in Piers Plowman 
- Borders of Perception  
- British Borderlands and their Communities
- Confluences and Conduits
- England and Iberia: Exchanges, Networks, Collaborations 
- European and Islamic cultural exchange: Ideas, Images, Stories,
  Themes on the borders between East and West
- Expressions of “Fylthe”: Sexual Obscenity in the Middle Ages
- Extracodexical Texts
- Fur/Flesh/Fabric: The Body, its Borders, and the (un)Limited Human
  in Medieval Literature
- Medieval Drama: Playing in the Margin and along the Border
- Medieval Home
- Mystical Demarcations
- Nation Within and Across Linguistic Borders
- Queerly, Clearly: Defining the Borders of the Medieval Queer

Scholars are invited to submit abstracts for any of these panels, or
for the general call. All abstract should be sent using our abstract
submission form:

Questions specific to sub-themes may be addressed to the individual
organizers; general questions can be sent to:

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