Call for Papers

Theme: Becoming Human and Education for/in Global Times
Subtitle: Re-Learning to Be Human for Global Times
Type: International Conference
Institution: Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (RVP)
   Tunghai University
Location: Taichung (Taiwan)
Date: 1.–2.8.2018
Deadline: 1.3.2018



Education is an unavoidable issue which no human civilization is able
to ignore. It is concerned with the very heritage of race or the
achievements of generations derived from a whole cultural wisdom. It
is, moreover, the indispensable basis of stable development for a
state or society. For an individual, the educational process
determines his or her knowledge, character, and is the key to
wellbeing and happiness of life. For prospects of a state or people,
education represents its greater development and future. It is not
surprising, then, in 1997, that UK Labor Party leader, Tony Blair,
loudly pledged “Education, education, education” during his candidacy
for prime minister. 

Educational issues, however, are one of the most complex fields in
the social sciences. This is because education deals with the
“person.” To become a “person,” or, to live as a person, to fulfill
the whole value of a “person,” his excellence of powers and wisdom,
is undoubtedly an endless task, a task for education. Education is
humbler than anyone believes, since educators are completely
dedicated to learners; it is also greater than anyone believes, since
its final end is the “person,” which bears within it its unique
spiritual dignity and human value.

Therefore, educational thought is always tied to our understanding of
“person.” Self-understanding of the human being itself in history
continuously changes, deepens, and expands. Right or wrong, open or
constrained, this self-understanding will never cease: education
involved in this way is thus unlike animal training, but rather, a
non-stop process and progressiveness of human awakening. In the
irresistible trend of globalization, educational issues once again
encounter various new challenges and predicaments. Along with the
ever increasing variety of cultures, technological innovation, and
information, the value of the human being and human integrity runs,
nevertheless, the greater risk of being overwhelmed. Re-learning to
be human, in such a new social and cultural context of radical change
and constant differentiation, is our primary task of times, in which
education inevitably stands on the front line.

Regardless of how novel or how advanced the methods of education are,
the fact remains that the very mysterious identity and unity of
humanity in every educational subject is something that no technique
can reach. In our age, education must make efforts, through constant
self-critique and self-reflection, to overcome the malpractices
resulted from commercialization, massive information, etc., and
furthermore, to strengthen the advantages and progress of this new
era in which we live, so that in the possible future the ultimate
goal of education as “forming man” can be truly accomplished.

The Following sub-themes are welcomed:

- Foundations and Goals of Education
- Cultural Traditions and Character Development
- Moral Education in Schools, Families, Society and Beyond
- The Impact of Information Technology on Education
- Human Person and Education
- The Past, Present and Future of Education
- The Integrity of Person and Education
- The Spirituality, Freedom and Education
- Globalization and its Impact in Education  


Please send 300 words and a brief CV to Dr. Katia Lenehan
[kati...@hotmail.com], Dr. Wei-Ding Tsai [tsaiweiding...@thu.edu.tw]
and [cua-...@cua.edu] by March 1, 2018. Full papers sent by June 20,
2018 will be considered to be published if publishable by the RVP in
its publication series "Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change."


There is no registration fee. Travel expense will be covered by
participants (or their institutions); the local organizer will
provide accommodations during the conference.


Katia Lenehan
Fu Jen Catholic University
Taipei, Taiwan
Email: kati...@hotmail.com

Wei-Ding Tsai
Philosophy Department
Tunghai University
Taichung, Taiwan
Email: tsaiweiding...@thu.edu.tw

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