Call for Papers

Theme: Self, Omniscience and Morality
Type: International and Interdisciplinary Conference
Institution: Institute of Cross Cultural Studies and Academic Exchange
   Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion
   Jain University
Location: Bangalore (India)
Date: 4.–5.1.2019
Deadline: 15.8.2018


Directed and organized by the Institute of Cross Cultural Studies and
Academic Exchange, Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion, Elon,
NC, USA, and co-sponsored by the Jain University, India.


Self and Reality, Omniscience and Religious Authority, Thomas Aquinas
on God’s Infallible Foreknowledge, Omniscience and Omnipresence,
Omniscience and Freedom of Will, Omniscience and Indeterminism, Non
Theological Omniscience and Scientific Management, Spirituality,
Ethics of Atheism, Trauma and Spiritual Healing, God less Religion,
Mindful Meditation, Gender and Spirituality, Feminist and Ecological
Spirituality, Secular Spirituality, Spiritual Naturalism,
Spirituality in Post Modern World, Atheism, Culture and Morals,
Culture and Global Ethics, Theology of Culture, Globalization of
Culture, Deontological and Consequentialist Ethics, Virtue Ethics,
Morality and Spirituality, etc.

Topics are only suggestive and not exhaustive.

Deadline to submit abstract (150 words): August 15, 2018.

Acceptance of proposal will be mailed within 2 weeks or earlier to

Email your abstract (150 words, along with the title of your
presentation and current affiliation) to:

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Scholars from different corners of the world join our conferences. The
Cambridge Scholars Press has published seven books co-edited by
members of our advisory board from selected papers from our last
conferences. We also publish papers in our Journal of Indian
Philosophy & Religion if the theme of the paper is in the area of
publication of the Journal.

Scholars can bring their students to join the undergraduate
competition and “Encounter India program”.

Undergraduates can submit papers for international competition. Best 2
papers selected will be awarded a discounted short trip inside India
along with free tickets to cultural programs.

Advisory Board:
Yolanda Espina (Portugal), Tommi Lehtonen (Finland), Debkumar
Mukhopadhyya (India), Deven Patel (USA), Nina Petek (Slovenia),
Rizwan Rahman (India), Ming Shao (China), Richard Vulich (USA), Su
Chen Wu (Taiwan), Yanling Xu (China)


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Chandana Chakrabarti, Ph.D., Executive Director
Institute for Cross Cultural Studies and Academic Exchange
PO Box 79
Elon, NC 27244
Phone: +1 336 350-5639
Email: chandanac...@gmail.com


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