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Goverment Backed

5 Year Property Bond - 9% Fixed Returns
With record-breaking interest rate cuts, mortgage rate fluctuations and the requirement for increased deposits, the changing market factors can limit investors to minimal returns. A potential solution to all these headaches, from an investment point of view, is to let the professionals handle the difficulties while you enjoy a fixed yield bi-annual income.
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• 9% gross per annum (paid bi-annually in mid-January and mid-July)

• Up to 45% net gain in 5 years

• Protected revenue stream due to all rental income being underpinned by government allowances.

• UK-based company focusing on UK-based assets
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The bond will be secured against the underlying assets of the Company, including property, income and cash reserves by way of a floating debenture against the Company, this is a legal document which enables a charge to be taken over multiple assets which will be registered with Companies House.

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