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Investing in collectible coins:
The new luxury must-have investment?
The luxury aspect of fine and rare coins has created a fresh demand from high 
net worth individuals especially in The Middle East and Asia Pacific for coins 
as an investment.
With projected returns favorable against both common commodities and 
alternatives such as wine and stamps, the balance between supply and demand has 
never been more acute than in 2016
An investment to be cherished...
A truly outstanding collectors piece should be the apple of its owner’s eye - a 
piece to be cherished like no other. It should be an enchanting, rare, peerless 
wonder, as unique as its owner.
RAV is a private and discreet brokerage specializing only in the creation of 
rare collector coins.
Coins with individuality
The right coin for every portfolio
Coins combining gold and silver with precious gems
Projected ROI
Gold versus Silver coins
Tax Benefits
Investments free of income tax, capital gains and inheritance tax

RAV Coins

130 Old Street, London, EC1V 9BD

Telephone: +44 (0) 203 773 3343 |
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    • Get your... EU Alternatives [inti-net]

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