I bought an IOIO and tried to learn how to program it - but failed. I have 
no Java experience (but was happy to learn) but found setting up the whole 
Java/Android JDK environment very complex. I got the first demo app going, 
but managed to mess the system up trying to load a new library and never 
got it going again.

I am just a hack hobbyist. I set up an Arduino with GPS and a compass to 
autopilot my son's RC car successfully and thought it would be fun to do 
the same with a tablet and an IOIO. Perhaps include a map? But I found the 
whole development environment too complex for me and I never got to even 
first base. The IOIO has been in my bottom draw for a year now ....

Is there an easier/simpler development environment for hobbyists like me? 

I read about the Google Dart and Flutter systems and they sounded like a 
more managed systems that might be easier for me. Is there any chance IOIO 
could be more easily programmed through this environment? (Although Flutter 
is not yet on Windows ...)



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