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On Friday 16 Sep 2016 14:22:31 Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> On Friday, September 16, 2016 3:09:29 PM CEST Laurent Pinchart wrote:
> >> I wasn't thinking quite that far, though that is also a theoretical
> >> problem. However, the simple solution would be to have a bit in the DMA
> >> specifier let the driver know whether translation is needed or not.
> >> 
> >> The simpler case I was thinking of is where the entire DMA engine
> >> either goes through an IOMMU or doesn't (depending on the integration
> >> into the SoC), so we'd have to find out through some DT property
> >> or compatible string in the DMA enginen driver.
> > 
> > Don't we already get that information from the iommus DT property ? If the
> > DMA engine goes through an IOMMU the property will be set, otherwise it
> > will not.
> It depends. A dmaengine typically at least has two DMA masters,
> possibly more. It's likely that some dmaengine implementations are
> connected to RAM through an IOMMU, but have direct access to an
> I/O bus for the slave FIFOs.

Sure, but I expect the DMA engine DT node to list all the relevant IOMMU(s) 
(if any) in the iommus property in a way that allows the DMA engine driver to 
know what IOMMU port is used for what purpose. It will then be up to the DMA 
engine driver to select the right port identifier to pass to the DMA mapping 

I'm not sure how this would work with Robin's proposal of creating one device 
per channel though, as there would still be a single node in DT for the DMA 
engine device. Furthermore, a single channel might indeed have multiple DMA 
masters, not all of them being served by an IOMMU. We would thus still need 
memory port identifiers in the DMA mapping API.

> >>> The problem is a bit broader than that, we'll also have an issue with
> >>> DMA engines that have different channels served by different IOMMUs.
> >> 
> >> Do you mean a theoretical problem, or a chip that you already know
> >> exists?
> > 
> > That's theoretical. The problem I'm facing today is a DMA engine whose
> > channels are served by different ports of the same IOMMU. This works in a
> > suboptimal way because I have to keep all the IOMMU ports enabled
> > regardless of whether they're used or not, as the DMA engine and IOMMU
> > APIs don't carry channel information.
> Ok


Laurent Pinchart

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