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>Subject: RE: [PATCH V3 0/8] IOMMU probe deferral support
>Hi Marek,
>>Hi Sricharan,
>>On 2016-10-04 19:03, Sricharan R wrote:
>>> Initial post from Laurent Pinchart[1]. This is
>>> series calls the dma ops configuration for the devices
>>> at a generic place so that it works for all busses.
>>> The dma_configure_ops for a device is now called during
>>> the device_attach callback just before the probe of the
>>> bus/driver is called. Similarly dma_deconfigure is called during
>>> device/driver_detach path.
>>> pci_bus_add_devices    (platform/amba)(_device_create/driver_register)
>>>         |                         |
>>> pci_bus_add_device     (device_add/driver_register)
>>>         |                         |
>>> device_attach           device_initial_probe
>>>         |                         |
>>> __device_attach_driver    __device_attach_driver
>>>         |
>>> driver_probe_device
>>>         |
>>> really_probe
>>>         |
>>> dma_configure
>>>   Similarly on the device/driver_unregister path __device_release_driver is
>>>   called which inturn calls dma_deconfigure.
>>>   If the ACPI bus code follows the same, we can add acpi_dma_configure
>>>   at the same place as of_dma_configure.
>>>   This series is based on the recently merged Generic DT bindings for
>>>   PCI IOMMUs and ARM SMMU from Robin Murphy robin.mur...@arm.com [2]
>>>   This time tested this with platform and pci device for probe deferral
>>>   and reprobe on arm64 based platform. There is an issue on the cleanup
>>>   path for arm64 though, where there is WARN_ON if the dma_ops is reset 
>>> while
>>>   device is attached to an domain in arch_teardown_dma_ops.
>>>   But with iommu_groups created from the iommu driver, the device is always
>>>   attached to a domain/default_domain. So so the WARN has to be 
>>> removed/handled
>>>   probably.
>>Thanks for continuing work on this feature! Your can add my:
>>Tested-by: Marek Szyprowski <m.szyprow...@samsung.com>
Hi Will,Robin,Joerg,
       I have tested the probe deferral for platform/pcie bus devices based on 
latest Generic bindings
        series merged [1], for pci/arm-smmu.
       It will good to know from you on whats the right way to take this 
forward ?


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