Hi Josue,

Thank you for the patches.

On Friday 28 Jul 2017 15:49:12 Josue Albarran wrote:
> Hi Joerg,
> This series adapts the OMAP IOMMU driver to use the DMA API to flush
> the page table/directory table entries from the CPU caches instead of
> the ARM assembly calls. The patches are baselined on 4.13-rc1.
> Following is the patch summary:
>  1. Patch 1 disables the OMAP IOMMU fault interrupts instead of
>     disabling the MMU upon a fault, and resulted in recurring bus
>     errors during remoteproc recovery on OMAP4. The MMU fault itself
>     is triggered due to the missing PL310 L2 cache operations, and
>     this patch fixes the recurring bus errors.
>  2. The second patch makes the adaptation to the DMA API for flushing
>     the caches. This fixes the MMU fault triggering issues in the
>     first place on OMAP4.
> I have tested these patches on DRA7, OMAP5, and OMAP4 platforms using
> both OMAP IOMMU unit tests and some out-of-tree patches for exercising
> the MMUs using the OMAP remoteproc driver.
> Laurent,
> Appreciate it if you can check the OMAP3ISP functionality with these
> patches once.

I apologize for the delay, I had to resurrect my Beagleboard-xM, which 
involved updating and then debugging U-Boot.

Tested-by: Laurent Pinchart <laurent.pinch...@ideasonboard.com>


Laurent Pinchart

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