On 13/02/18 01:46, Xu Zaibo wrote:
> Hi,
> On 2018/2/13 2:33, Jean-Philippe Brucker wrote:
>> The SMMU provides a Stall model for handling page faults in platform
>> devices. It is similar to PCI PRI, but doesn't require devices to have
>> their own translation cache. Instead, faulting transactions are parked and
>> the OS is given a chance to fix the page tables and retry the transaction.
>> Enable stall for devices that support it (opt-in by firmware). When an
>> event corresponds to a translation error, call the IOMMU fault handler. If
>> the fault is recoverable, it will call us back to terminate or continue
>> the stall.
>> Note that this patch tweaks the iommu_fault_event and page_response_msg to
>> extend the fault id field. Stall uses 16 bits of IDs whereas PCI PRI only
>> uses 9.
> For PCIe devices without ATC,  can they use this Stall model?

Unfortunately no, Stall it is incompatible with PCI. Timing constraints in
PCI prevent from stalling transactions in the IOMMU.

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