On 10/04/18 19:53, Sinan Kaya wrote:
> On 2/12/2018 1:33 PM, Jean-Philippe Brucker wrote:
>> +static void io_mm_detach_all_locked(struct iommu_bond *bond)
>> +{
>> +    while (!io_mm_detach_locked(bond));
>> +}
>> +
> I don't remember if I mentioned this before or not but I think this loop
> needs a little bit relaxation with yield and maybe an informational message
> with might help if wait exceeds some time.

Right, at the very least we should have a cpu_relax here. I think this
bit is going away, though, because I want to lift the possibility of
calling bind() for the same dev/mm pair multiple times. It's not useful
in my opinion because that call could only be issued by a given driver.

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